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. . >>> iran is threatening to retaliate against israel and now israel was targeting a weapon's convoy inside syria and the convoy was believed to contain antiaircraft to hezbollah militants and that would allow them to shoot down israeli war planes. they say israeli air strikes are shooting at a military facility. >>> if hagel is confirmed, he will likely have to take on budget cuts and as kyla campbell reports there is a ripple affect we could feel here in the bay area. >> reporter: pam, a lot of spending budgets are expected to come and if that happens, the blue angels could become a thing of the pass. it would force the navy to cut funding for the second half of the year and that includes fleet week in san francisco and that's scheduled for mid- october. a shrinking budget is one thing hagel could face but he has said spending has ballooned and there are areas that should be trimmed. he has spent weeks preparing forted and the president -- for today and they called it the hagel war room. >> we are expecting results and that's what you can expect in this hagel process. >> reporter: now pas
republicans oppose hagel's nomination and accused him of being anti-israel. >>> new this morning, a ship ran aground and has been floated from the rocks. now teams are trying to determine if the ship is in good enough condition to be towed a way to a protective bay. the ship ran a ground to be carrying the diesel but so far no sign of a spill. >>> media will not be allowed to attend the trial of the five men accused of raping a woman aboard a bus. hundreds tried to get into the courtroom and that includes journalists from all over the world who are following the case. authorities have charged the men with rape and other crimes that could bring the death penalty and they are calling for tougher rape laws in india. >>> they are discovering whether new remains have been found in san joaquin valley county. remains have already been found and they are believed to be from the convicted killer wesley howard shermantine. they were known as the speed freak killer and they have killed at least 20 people in the '80s and '90s. >>> the man is david from san leandro. his car crashed into the center divide
expressed his comments with israel and iran as well as handling terrorists in the middle east but his quotes have been taken out of context. he will give a fair shake at a confirmation hearing but some are saying this will be the president's choice. >> reporter: i contacted dianne finestein's office and she said she wants to work with hagel to make sure he wants to secure the middle east and make sure service workers have a quality more on the opposition and more on the reaction when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> all right, now the next nomination president barack obama is expected to make is white house chief of staff jack lou to replace tim geithner. if he is confirmed, he will work with congress to raise the debt ceiling and also the president will have to work with a new chief of staff. >>> they have approved new zephyrs pay -- severance pay under the done ask done tell law. the settle -- don't tell law. the settlement comes after the vote last fall. >>> the two electronic's company are fighting on several fronts. today it will lead to selling it here in the u.s. and it
as israel. the report says the militant groups operating both independently and together are increasing their activities. the report by a counterterrorism expert says the militants are determined to take revenge on the west. >>> the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says he believes afghan security forces will soon be ready to take the lead in the war with the taliban. nato troops will begin scaling back their involvement in preparation for leaving the country at the end of 2014. >> there is a consideration for endearing presence here. we will continue that work in the aftermath of 2014. at the end of 2014 i'm confident they can defend this country and the people. >> u.s. troops have been in afghanistan for 11 years. >>> time now 5:14. two people with two very different gun policy agendas will testify on capitol hill before a senate committee. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom the nra is ready to fight. >> reporter: the nra executive director is going before the senate in its first hearing on gun violence since the deadly school shoot newtown. wayne lap area is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4